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Types of consultations

I guide you and accompany you by illuminating your path...

Services: Thérapies


This service offers:

  • Identification and exploration of limiting emotional patterns and past hurts.

  • Emotionally focused therapy techniques to overcome emotional obstacles and find inner peace.

  • Journey towards healing and personal transformation for a fulfilled and balanced life.

  • Introspective exploration to understand your personal history and deep aspirations.

  • Guided meditation and visualization practices to cultivate presence and inner connection.

  • Strategies for living authentically and aligned with your core values.

As a coach specializing in the management of emotions, trauma and emotional blockages, I am committed to supporting you towards inner rebirth and lasting well-being. My goal is to help you overcome obstacles linked to your past by freeing you from emotional wounds and blockages that hinder your personal development.

Inner Renaissance:

Awaken your Personal Power

Whether you are an overwhelmed parent looking for support or a parent looking to improve your parenting skills, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

Support Program

over 8 weeks:  

Ongoing support:   I will be here to support you throughout your transformation journey.  

This program includes regular sessions, exercises and personalized follow-up for in-depth work. It offers continuous support and progressive transformation.

  You can contact me for questions, sharing and personalized encouragement.

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